Blackjack Instructor is a sophisticated Blackjack training program, designed to make learning easy, fun and efficient.

Blackjack Instructor Features

The instructional material is divided into fourteen easy lessons. Each lesson is followed by a timed practice session where you are tested on the material you just learned. The program tracks your answers, and chooses questions to target the areas where you need improvement. It also emphasizes rare and interesting hands for their instructional value.

The rules of the practice session are highly configurable: you can change the number of decks, whether the dealer hits or stands on soft 17s, whether resplit and surrender are allowed, etc.

The Basic Strategy

Whether you play blackjack for fun, or hope to become a pro, you need to learn basic strategy, and you need to learn it well. Basic strategy exactly tells you what to do (hit, stand, double down, etc.) based on the value of your hand and the dealer's upcard.

If you follow basic strategy, even without card counting, your disadvantage against the casino is reduced by 4x compared to the average player.

As you progress and learn to count cards, you will adjust your bet size depending on the current count. Even then, correctly executing basic strategy always remains critical. Making even a single basic strategy mistake in an hour will undo all the benefits of card counting, and will tip the odds back in favor of the casino.

It is therefore critically important to learn to flawlessly execute basic strategy, and that's where Blackjack Instructor can help.

Can you learn to play blackjack without Blackjack Instructor? Sure, you could memorize the whole chart and practice on your own. But how long will that take? How enjoyable will it be? And can you be sure that you won't miss a rare but important hand?

Blackjack Instructor makes the whole process fun, easy, and much more effective.